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Our Commitment

We facilitate economically viable projects that support the development of Africa in mining, finance, energy, infrastructure and mass housing.
Our technical expertise and funding means Hillmark Engineering will be part of that growth.

What Hillmark Engineering is interested in? Infrastructure

  • Large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Infrastructure projects that require funding or that have funding in place.
  • Construction companies seeking out new projects in Africa.

What Hillmark Engineering is interested in? Mining

  • Companies or individuals who require funding to advance or further explore and develop their projects.
  • Individuals and companies looking to sell large scale mines and/or mining licenses outright.
  • Investors who are looking to expand into the African market.
  • Companies with an interest in developing oil blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hillmark Engineering added value to it's partners ?

Hillmark Engineering is an innovative service for the mineral resource sector. Privately owned and working primarily in Africa, our mission is to link prospecting license owners with major mining companies and financiers around the world. By focusing on making connections in the early stages of exploration, we aim to maximise profits for investors while facilitating access to finance for license holders.

What does Hillmark Engineering do specifically in the Mining Sector ?

The mineral industry of Africa is one of the largest in the world. For many countries, mineral exploration and production constitute significant parts of their economies and remains key to economic growth. As investors continue to flock to the continent, our business was created to fill that surge in demand. Hillmark Engineering has acquired a share of high value prospecting licenses for copper in Zambia. As Africa’s largest copper producer, growing investment means that Zambia could soon produce more than a million tones of copper each year.

What is Hillmark Engineering's involvement in infrastructure projects ?

Hillmark Engineering sources contracts for construction companies with the expertise and financial muscle to build and develop large-scale infrastructure projects including inter-city roads, railways, electricity, mass housing, bridges, mining contracts, sea ports and dams.

Does Hillmark Engineering consult in sovereign and corporate debt ?

Hillmark Engineering assists frontier market governments and state owned companies in sourcing sovereign funding along with linking companies with corporate debt funding.

How does Hillmark Engineering source it's funding ?

Hillmark Engineering has database of Funders globally

Shaking up Finance and Banking in Africa


Africa stands at a crossroads. Economic growth has taken root across much of the region. In many countries, exports are booming, foreign investment is on the rise and dependence on aid is declining.